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Sign up today to start earning Toy Block Rewards!
Sign up today to start earning Toy Block Rewards!
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Tower Builder Rewards

Toy Block Points
Tower Builder Rewards is our rewards program with one goal: making the best educational toys accessible to you and your child! It’s also our way of thanking you for trusting us with your child's learning journey.

How Tall is my tower now?

1: Mini Tower | 2: High Tower | 3: Lofty Tower | 4: High-Rise Tower

How it Works

By taking various actions in our store, you'll earn toy blocks (points) that you can redeem at your next purchase directly at your cart. At the same time, we also keep a tally of the overall toy blocks you've earned along the way, so you can build your tower with your Toy Blocks!

Tower builder Rewards

Build your first Mini Tower with 500 Toy Blocks

Toy Blocks Rewards - Mini Tower

Free 100g Rainbow Rice, colour of your choice.

Build a High Tower with 1000+ Toy Blocks

Toy Blocks Rewards - High Tower
Permanent 1% in store discount for all future orders.

It's now a Lofty Tower with 3000+ Toy Blocks

Toy Blocks Rewards - Lofty Tower
Permanent 2% in store discount for all future orders.

Your tower is a High-Rise tower at 5000+ Toy Blocks!

Toy Blocks Rewards - High Rise Tower
Permanent 5% in store discount for all future orders.

Free Set of 7 Rainbow Rice.

Free Mini Crayons, design of your choice.

WAYS to earn

Up to +5 Toy Block Points for Every $ Spent

Earn more Toy Blocks per $ spent as you build your tower.

+5 Toy Block Points per Completed Order

Every order gives you an extra 5 Toy Blocks.

+5 Toy Block Points per Product Review

Leave us your honest feedback for your purchased item for 5 Toy Blocks.

Sponsor a Friend for +5 Toy Block Points 

Send a sponsorship email to your friend for 5 Toy Blocks.

+10 Toy Block Points for your Friend's Purchase

Earn 10 Toy Blocks when your Sponsored Friend makes their first purchase.

+10 Toy Block Points for your Birthday!

Update your birthday details in "My Accounts" and earn 10 points for your birthday!


Sponsor your friend(s)

Earn 5 Toy Blocks!
Maximum of 3 sponsors a day.


What Are Toy Blocks?

Toy Blocks Rewards is our loyalty program designed to reward you for purchasing high quality educational toys with us! Through the program, you will be eligible to earn points whenever you engage with Malaysia Toys, such as making a purchase, referrals and reviews.

How Do I Earn Toy Blocks?

You can earn points via the following activities:

Sign Up: New customers who sign up for the program will get started with 5 points! If you have an existing account, no worries! Your miles from past purchases have already been added to your account.

Purchases: All qualifying purchases earn points for every dollar spent, depending on your Tower Level (Mini Tower and below: 1 point, High Tower: 2 points, Lofty Tower: 3 points or High-Rise Tower: 5 points) (1)

Birthday Points: Celebrate your birthday with an additional 10 points! (2)

Refer-a-Friend: You will receive 5 points for each friend sponsored and an additional 10 points when your friend completes their first purchase. You can refer up to 3 friends a day! (3)

Reviews: Leave a product review on for 5 points. (4)

What do the tiers such as Mini Tower, High Tower, Lofty Tower and High-Rise Tower Mean?

The more you share your journey with us, the greater the rewards!

Mini Tower: 500+ Toy Blocks accumulated.
High Tower: 1000-2999 Toy Blocks accumulated.
Lofty Tower: 3000-4999 Toy Blocks accumulated.

Please refer to the table on top for a summary of additional benefits available to our most active members.

What if I Already have a Malaysia Toys Account?

Perfect! You have automatically been enrolled in the Tower Builder program. Any previous purchases made have been automatically reflected in your Malaysia Toys account!

Who is Eligible for the Tower Builder Program?

Everyone! Just sign up for an account HERE and start earning points! Please note that one account is allowed per customer.

How do I Redeem my Toy Blocks Points?

Just add your favourite items to your cart and enter the Cart page! You will see a Loyalty Points Discount section where you can redeem your points directly against your cart. Note that you will need a minimum spend of RM 100 to redeem your points.

How do I Redeem my Free Gifts?

Shop as you normally would and go to the Cart page when you are ready to proceed with your order. At the bottom of the page, you will see the list of your available free gifts and their associated coupon codes. Select the coupon you would like to use and the item will be added to your cart and automatically deducted from your total order.

Do my Toy Blocks Points Ever Expire?

No, they don't! You can always use them for as long as the Rewards Program is active.

Does my Tower Builder Level Ever Expire?

No, it doesn't! You will always maintain your Tower Level for as long as the Rewards Program is active.

Do my Free Gifts or Permanent Discounts Ever Expire?

Free gifts: Yes. Your free gifts can only be redeemed within 30 days of achieving the free gift reward.

Permanent discounts: No. You will keep your permanent discounts for as long as the Rewards Program is active.

How do I Check How Many Toy Blocks Points I Have?

You can see your Toy Blocks Points on the top right hand corner of every page. This is the amount of Toy Blocks Points that you can redeem against your cart total.

To see your persistent Toy Blocks earnt for building your tower, see HERE.

I Just Made an Order/Signed Up/Sponsored a Friend but I Don't See Toy Blocks Added to my Account.

Not to worry! Sometimes it takes our system a few minutes to process and apply points to your account. If you don’t see the points in your account after 24 hours, please email us at with your order number and we’ll take care of it for you!

What Happens if my Order is Returned/Cancelled?

Any points associated with that order will be deducted from your Toy Blocks Points balance.

Why Did my Toy Blocks Points Go Down?

If you or one of your sponsored friends recently canceled a purchase or made a return, this could affect your Toy Blocks Points balance.

How Do I Leave the Rewards Program?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you would like to leave the Rewards Program, please email us at and we will deactivate your account. Please note that deactivating your account will cause you to lose any accrued points. You may re-enroll in the program at any time, however, your Toy Blocks Points balance will reset to zero.

I Need Help with my Rewards Program!

Contact us at with any questions or feedback!
(1) The $ amount discounted using gift cards, credit codes or discount codes are not eligible to earn points. Also, taxes and shipping charges are not eligible toward earning points. (2) Customers must enter date of birth at least one (1) month prior to the first day of birth month to be rewarded. (3) Applies to three (3) sponsored friends per day. (4) Reviews are only eligible if accessed via the CusRev review email sent to you after each product purchase. Reviews left directly on our site and on products that have not been purchased on are not eligible.

Toy Blocks Rewards Points are non-transferable, have no cash value (unless required by law) and cannot be exchanged, sold or returned. Malaysia Toys is not responsible for lost or stolen Points. Malaysia Toys is not responsible for any taxes incurred by customers. Terms and conditions are subject to change, alteration, substitution, or termination by Malaysia Toys in its sole discretion at any time.
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