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Montessori Baby Mobiles


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During the first few weeks after birth, your baby is developing at an amazing speed. This set of 5 mobiles are perfect for your newborn to 16 weeks old.  They provide developmentally appropriate stimulation to infants. Hang them on our baby play gym for your baby to explore!

The Black & White Munari inspired mobile: 2 - 6 weeks old

This black and white mobile is inspired by the Montessori Munari mobile. This is the first mobile in the mobile series offered to a newborn from about 2 - 6 weeks of age.

It is hand sewn using felt material, and can later be used as a toy for your baby.

Your baby's eyesight gradually develops over the first 6 months. So, presenting simple, high contrast, black and white images are a great way to help develop their eyesight. The bold black and white images stimulate the development of the optic nerve. Hang this mobile low (10-12") so your baby can get the most out of it!

The Octahedron mobile: 5 - 8 weeks old

The next mobile in the Montessori mobile series is the Octahedron Mobile. This mobile is used for a baby between 5-8 weeks old.

This mobile introduces primary colors just as your baby is developmentally ready to perceive them. Primary colors have enough contrast between them that a young baby can see the difference.

The geometric shapes of this mobile, octahedrons made up of equilateral triangles, encourage your baby to coordinate the use of their two eyes together, whilst also exposing them to mathematical concepts.

The Gobbi mobile: 7 - 10 weeks old

This  beautiful, airy mobile is made from color spheres in varying shades and hung at a 45 degree angle.

This mobile helps babies work on their visual discrimination skills. The Gobbi mobile is so attractive that your baby may even begin batting it with their little hands. Hang it low enough so that your child can bat at the lowest sphere for added physical stimulation.

Available colours: yellow, green, blue, purple, black

The Dancer mobile: 8 - 12 weeks old

Another iconic Montessori mobile - the dancer mobile has human figures cut out from holographic paper dancing in the air. The shine and sparkle is intriguing for babies to watch as the dancers spin around slowly in the air.

The Ribbon mobile: 12-16 weeks old

This is a tactile mobile, one that is meant to be touched, grabbed, tasted or otherwise manipulated. Handling these mobiles may create a sound, and your baby will start experimenting with cause and effect as their movements cause a response. The ribbons also provide sensory feedback as they are an interesting texture for your baby.

You can also add on a bell onto the ribbon mobile when your baby starts to move more voluntarily. Soon they will connect the motions to the sound they hear when they hit the bell.

It's a whole body workout for your baby - practicing hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, all whilst strengthening their core muscles.

Frequently Bought Together..

Baby Play Gym

This baby play gym is made from natural solid wood. It is simple, elegant and beautiful - perfect for a newborn.

Place this in front of a floor mirror and hang an object from the bar above.  Our Montessori Baby Mobiles are perfect for hanging on this play gym. Then, place your baby on our Montessori Topponcino Baby Play Mat and allow your baby to play freely and uninterrupted during tummy time under the play gym.

The simplicity means that you can allow your child to focus on the object you have placed for your child to explore, free from distractions. By minimizing distractions, your baby can begin building their concentration skills, a skill that will serve them greatly throughout their lives.

Please indicate your preferred Gobbi mobile colour. If blank, a random colour will be sent.
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2 reviews for Montessori Baby Mobiles

  1. Parvin Sandhu (verified owner)

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    Loving the Montessori baby mobiles.

  2. Jacques (verified owner)

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