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MNTL Magnetic Tiles - Deluxe Pack (182 pieces + Mystery Gift)


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Magnetic Tiles are a wonderful educational toy that is a must have in your playroom! These are versatile building blocks with strong magnets and a riveted design. They can be used to create structures such as sorting cups and STEM challenges for structured play with your child. And they can also be used for imaginative play - to build castles, towers, cars, trains, cash registers, bowls, mandalas, ball runs, and almost anything else under the sun!

MNTL magnetic tiles are perfect to encourage creativity, motor skill development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and STEM concepts.

Our tiles are made of food grade ABS plastic with rivets to ensure your child's safety. The star shaped 16 facets design makes them glitter like gemstones under the sun and less prone to scratches.

All MNTL magnetic tiles are ASTM, EN71 and CE certified; and are compatible with major brands in the market in the same size and with magnets at the same spot.


MNTL Deluxe Pack includes all your favourite in a box. A mix of rainbow and pastel!

  • 55 squares
  • 30 small triangles
  • 12 long triangles
  • 12 right triangles
  • 8 large squares
  • 12 small rectangles
  • 10 square fences
  • 12 jagged shapes
  • 9 hollow squares
  • 8 square windows
  • 12 connecting squares
  •  2 car bases
  • FREE GIFT BOX INSIDE (Each gift varies making it even more exciting, some have an extra pack of cars while others have a ball run set and even an extra pack of tiles)

Recommended Age: 3+

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