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Bumblebee Playbox


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This Bumblebee Playbox contains fun play and learn activities for your child! It includes materials to create your own bee sensory, fine motor, alphabet and number play at home. The activities encourages the development of fine motor and cognitive skills for your child.

Water beads are awesome for play bins because its soft, smooth and cold texture after they are expanded in water. It is a fun and relaxing activity that will keep your child busy for hours!

This kit includes:

  • 10 resin alphabet numbers letters (1-10)
  • 3 resin alphabet letters ""BEE""
  • 10 bumble bees figurines
  • 10 sunflowers
  • 1 white sensory play tray
  • Black & yellow water beads
  • 1 honeycomb tray
  • 1 mini bowl
  • 1 Mini hand tong
  • 1 white board marker
  • Ten Frame worksheet
  • Number Recognition worksheet
  • Buzzing bee I Spy worksheet
  • Missing number worksheet
  • Bumble bee counting worksheet


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