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Best christmas gift ideas for kids 2021

Author: Malaysia Toys
Last updated on November 22nd, 2021
Christmas is a time for gifting and giving! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, kids love receiving gifts!

So here's our list of best Christmas gifts you can get for your child and their friends from our toy shop this year! 

To see our recommendations based on age, please click on the links below:

Babies (0 - 1 years old)

Best Christmas Gifts for Babies 0-1 Years old
Montessori Topponcino Baby Play Mat & Cover by Malaysia Toys

Montessori Topponcino

If you have a newborn or if someone is expecting a little one soon, the Montessori Topponcino will be the best investment you will make. It makes holding, caring and putting the baby down to sleep much, much easier.

Recommended for 0 - 3 months old.
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Black Montessori Gobbi Mobile by Malaysia Toys - on Play Gym

Montessori Baby Play Gym and Mobiles 

Forget the colourful play gyms and opt for a clean wooden look. Not only does it make your home look calmer, but it also promotes calm and peace for your baby. This one is handmade in Malaysia and you can get it in a bundle with Montessori-inspired mobiles that last from 0 - 4 months.

Recommended for 0 - 4 months old.
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Wooden Baby's First Toys (Set of 5) by Malaysia Toys

Baby's First Toy

All natural and handmade with natural beechwood. Great set of baby toys that can be used from the newborn stage. Rattle and shake for your baby whilst talking about your actions and the sounds to connect with your child. And when your baby is ready to grasp and move, they can take over and show you what they've learnt! Doubles as teethers as well!

Recommended for 0 - 6 months old.
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Baby Visual Stimulation Cards by Malaysia Toys (1)

Baby Visual Stimulation Cards

Your baby's eyesight is developing! Encourage pattern recognition, visual development and stimulation and vocabulary with these high quality cards.
Recommended for 0 - 12 months old.
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Textured Sensory Balls by Malaysia Toys

Textured Sensory Balls

Great for tactile stimulation for your baby! Explore the trajectory schema by rolling, and dropping these balls. Made from high quality rubber and is safe for teething.

Recommended for 3 months old +.
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Egg, Ball and Cube Puzzle Set by Malaysia Toys

Egg, Ball and Cube Puzzle Set

A simple, yet timeless toy that helps with the development of the palmar grasp (whole hand grasp) as well as the pincer grasp (grasp with the index and thumb). 

Recommended for 7 months old +.
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Toddlers (1 - 3 Years Old)

Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers 1-3 Years old
Learning Tower (new model) by Malaysia Toys

Montessori Learning Tower

Our top recommendation. It is an absolute must have for every child. Your child wants to be involved in practical life activities and it all begins in the kitchen. This learning tower allows your child safe access to the counter top so they can develop their skills!

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Fine Motor Tools and Tray by Malaysia Toys

Fine Motor Tools & Tray

A must have in the playroom. So many play opportunities and activities to be had with just these nine items! 
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Flexible Toy Roads by Malaysia Toys

Flexible Toy Roads

Great for imaginative play! Connect and join road parts together to form your own little town. Waterproof and can also be used outdoors or in the bath!
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Music Instruments (Set of 10) by Malaysia Toys

Montessori Music Instruments (Set of 10)

Children love music and love making music even more! This set of 10 music instruments will keep your child playing and learning!
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MNTL Magnetic Tiles Marble Ball Run 100 by Malaysia Toys (2)

Magnetic Tiles - Marble Ball Run

Magnetic tiles offer so much creative play opportunities for your child! And it's even better when you can build your own marble ball runs.

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Avenue Mandarine Creative Box Sticker Boards Caterpillars by Malaysia Toys

Avenue Mandarine Sticker Boards

High quality. reusable stickers for cognitive and creative development! Your child will be working those fine motor skills whilst having so much fun!
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Preschoolers (3 - 5 Years Old)

Best Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 3 - 5 Years old
Montessori Fine Motor Tree by Malaysia Toys

Montessori Fine Motor Tree

Hone those fine motor skills with this fine motor tree! Place mini metal hoops onto the tree branches using a magnetic pen tool. Your child will be working on their focus and concentration whilst having fun!
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Montessori Sewing Kit by Malaysia Toys

Montessori Beginners Sewing Kit

Work on various sewing skills with this beginners kit! From threading the needle, to sewing a simple pattern, your child will be practicing fine motor skills and gaining valuable skills!
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Montessori Musical Hand Bells (Set of 8)

Montessori Music Hand Bells

Work on pitch and tones with this set of Montessori Music Hand Bells! Show your child how to place them in ascending or descending order or play a simple song!
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Clear Sensory Play Basin by Malaysia Toys

Clear Sensory Play Basin

Make sensory play part of your home with this clear sensory basin! Great for containing messes from playdough, water beads, science experiments and more! Create imaginary small worlds and let your child explore! 
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Ocean Story Scene by Malaysia Toys

Ocean Story Scene

Immerse your child in their books and stories with this Ocean Story Scene! Great for setting up small world plays, imaginary worlds and exploration of the ocean and its secrets.
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Galaxy Space Busy Activity Box by Malaysia Toys Contents

Galaxy Busy Box

Learn all about the galaxy with this all-in-one Galaxy Busy Box. Filled with 5 fun activities to keep your child learning and playing!
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What do you think?

This is our Christmas Gift list for kids aged 0 - 6 for 2021! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!
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