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I’m Joyce, the founder of Malaysia Toys and mama to my 2 and 4 year-old daughters. Malaysia Toys is my vision for bringing Malaysian-owned brands into the spotlight.

About Me

I was a lawyer and banker in Sydney and Malaysia before I had kids. And as most of us know, it all changes when we have kids. I became a stay at home mother and dedicated my time to raising my daughters. I want to homeschool them and so I decided to take a Diploma in Montessori Education and I am now also a holder of a Montessori Education Diploma for the 0-3 age group and the 3-6 age group by NAMC.

When I was looking around for educational toys and Montessori materials for my children, I found myself going onto Etsy a lot. They had beautiful items, but the prices were high, and shipping cost was another burden. I decided to look around in Malaysia for educational toys and Montessori materials. When my first daughter was born, I couldn’t find anyone making a Pikler Triangle, or a learning tower/kitchen helper. I had to custom make mine with some local carpenters. Then came the Balance Board – no one had the technology to make the curve required. So I had to ship that in. (We now have it locally! See our Balance Board here!)

Over time, more and more vendors started popping up. But you couldn’t find them unless you knew friends of friends, or if you trawled through Instagram looking for those vendors. And when you found them, the process is so manual. Send a DM to enquire.., request for catalog…send through your details so that the vendor could calculate your delivery cost…bank transfer…confirm transfer… aaaaand finally, order confirmed! I felt that both you and the vendors, could benefit from having a platform where you could shop with ease, as well as purchase from multiple vendors at a glance, rather than having to do your own research and buy from five different shops the things you love for your child.


We want to create the perfect play for your child with fun and educational toys. We want your child to be learning whilst playing. You will find high quality, eco-friendly and open ended experiences for your little ones and yourself, all specially hand curated for you, by us. We strive to ensure that the toys are aesthetically beautiful, tapping on your child’s natural curiosities while challenging their mind and body.

Malaysia Toys is the leading online toy store in Malaysia for locally made, assembled and curated educational toys. Find a wide selection of Montessori toys, Montessori materials and the best educational toys in our store. Our collection caters for a wide variety of ages, to meet your child’s developmental stage and their natural tendencies. Whether you’re looking for a learning tower, activity kits, busy boxes, party favours, gifts for a child or an educational toy, we have it all.

Being a Malaysian grown company, we have looked to our roots. Our country is blessed with abundant resources and skilled craftsmen that have allowed us to assemble some of the finest and sustainable educational toys and materials. Your purchase helps support local mom and pop businesses by providing a sustainable livelihood for them.

We hope that on our platform you can find that perfect timeless toy that will generate many loving memories and be passed onto siblings and even generations.

– Joyce xx
Malaysia Toys Submark Logo
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