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Every Malaysian Mum’s Expectations Towards Maternal and Formulated Milk Powder for Children

Author: Malaysia Toys
Learn How Other Mums Feel About Formulated Milk Powder for Children!

Social media and online shopping platforms have definitely changed the way we purchase products. Parents are becoming more aware and cautious about everything they buy, while also expecting perfect clarity as well as accountability from the brands they would like to buy formula milk from. But we think that it is perfectly normal, because after all, they only want to give the best for their children.

A survey conducted by theAsianparent and Friso Gold® showed that Malaysian parents are actually genuinely concerned about the milk powder their children consume, as well as choosing the right maternal milk. Read on to learn about the factors that influence their purchasing decision, particularly among pregnant mothers and mothers with children (12 months old and above) in Malaysia.

Happy asian muslim mother holding and kissing adorable little baby daughter wearing hijab in her arms on white bed in bedroom.

The Packaging Information of Milk Powders Available in Malaysia

Mums today emphasise a lot on transparency, mainly because of concerns that aren’t within their control, namely product recalls and safety concerns that have shed light on the health concerns related to food products.

As a result, mothers now will look at more than just the packaging information in deciding on a formulated milk powder. A great example is the brand’s commitment and dedication to quality check processes, which includes the transparency of the processes, the sourcing of ingredients, and the various types of quality control implementations.

The More Information There Is, The Easier It Is To Decide

The main concerns mums have when it comes to deciding on a milk powder are insights on the types of quality control processes and the authenticity of the product and ingredients.

The two main areas of quality checks are the sourcing of the ingredients and its production process. If overlooked, the products can negatively affect the quality of life of mums and children alike, which is why each country has its own set of rules and regulations to follow.

Reasons Why Parents Want to Trace The Product Information of Milk Powder in Malaysia

According to the survey, the two factors that provide all mothers with the confidence they need to choose a milk powder are transparency and the ability to trace crucial information. 91% of mums also shared that they want their qualms comforted by knowing the formulated milk powder products have undergone the relevant checks and are safe for consumption for them and their child. It also helps to assure them that the formula milk powder products on hand are genuine and with quality assurance.

portrait of asian mother and baby lifestyle image

Reasons to Believe in Milk Powder Products

In today’s world, consumers put ample emphasis on brand transparency, because who doesn’t want to know how their favourite products are produced. This becomes even more important for mothers who are searching for milk powder brands as they contain the key nutrients to supplement their womb during pregnancy, and their children.

For mums, while key nutrients like vitamins, minerals and DHA content in milk powder are important, trust is won through good quality milk products that are able to be forthcoming about their processes. Brands that can show their formulation is made from reliable food sources and have adhered to proper quality control offers mothers the assurance they yearn for themselves and their child.

Key nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and DHA are important to have in milk powders, which is why the production process of milk powders is always put under the spotlight. Trust is won by mums when brands are more forthcoming, use reliable food sources and constantly adhere to property quality control standards.

All in all, choose wisely. When considering a brand, always look beyond the price and nutrients. If possible, choose a brand that enables you to trace the product’s journey from farm to trolley, so you can shop with peace of mind.
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