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Author: Malaysia Toys
The love for learning begins at fun! You can teach your child in so many ways - through worksheets, books, toys - but the best way to cultivate a love for learning, is through play!

Every month, we will be exploring new themes and ideas for play with your child. We invite our community to share their invitation to play set ups to build a repository of ideas and references for you to start having fun with your child whilst learning new concepts.

See here for a Guide on How to Create Invitations to Play.

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June 2021 - Bees!


This month, we kick our our Explore with MT campaign with Bees! Did you know that bees feel the heat too? One of the signs is bees hanging out in front of their hive entrances, especially at nightfall. Malaysia Toys' hashtag challenge will take you to the land of bees. Did you know that at night time, bees are inactive as they are night-blind? Let's explore the land of bees with your child, and let us know if there is anything from the bee lifecycle that fascinates you!

Suggested Prompts

Here are some suggested prompts (but not limited to) to be kick off your activities and play invitations (aka sensory bin, bookish play, cooking, arts and crafts, small world play):

🐝 Bees
🐝 Colour theme of yellow and black
🐝 Flowers
🐝 Wax - candles, crayons
🐝 Hexagons
🐝 Honey

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